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Case study: Benefits of M2M usage

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iwGATE - Intelliware Management System (IMS)

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M2M changes the way business are made
Real-time information from machines enables companies to enhance business.
The solution lies with automated data collection using M2M technology. Direct collection of real-time data holds benefits to all within the value chain.

These are often for different reasons suited to their businesses yeilding different benefits.
Benefits for a various range of businesses and applications
M2M delivers business benefits to many applications including: vending, gaming, domestic appliances, ticket machines, industrial automation, elevators and escalators, office machines, security and access control, power and energy, utilities, beverage dispense, food transportation and many others.
  • Manufacturers - Increased product reliability reduces downtime. It enables manufacturers to migrate to a service based business by wrapping maintenance into an ongoing service.
  • Consumable suppliers - Ensure that the end customer replenishes your brand to maximise revenues. Enable inventory and supply chain logistics to be optimised for efficient operations and prevent maintenance problems caused by third-party consumables.
  • Service Operators - Prioritise maintenance visits with the correct replacement part to minimise down time. Enable a fast response to field problems and improve customer service and retention.
  • Retailers - Monitor the response to promotions and advertisements. Enable advertising content to be delivered to displays to increase brand awareness and generate revenues.
Remote status reporting
  • Statutory reporting
  • Eliminating paper trails
  • Job function window into data
  • Automated through email, SMS
  • Fast response to field problems
  • Improve product reliability and quality
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Audit trails
  • Asset tracking
  • Access to true real time information
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Validate warranties
  • Improved inventory management
  • Improved logistics and transport
  • Increase machine performance
  • Prioritise maintenance visits
  • Reduced cash shrinkages
Service-based business model
  • Pay per usage
  • A new business model developed around knowledge management
  • Sell data, usage and reports
  • Improved operations to value chain
  • Ongoing revenues
  • Brand management
  • Automatic purchasing and replenishment
  • Increased service
  • Increased customer retention
Remote update
  • New chargeable services
  • Alarm configuration
  • Advertising content
  • Machine configuration
Alarm notification
  • Notify out of band operation
  • Specific part failures
  • Inefficient energy consumption
  • Depleted inventory
  • Tampering
  • Ease of upgradability in the field
  • Improved diagnostic and fault analysis
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