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Mobile Data Communications

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Mobile Data Communications
At the heart of all M2M solutions is the ability to send meaningful data from one point to another, typically from a machine to a machine. Over cellular, this data can be sent in a various number of ways.

Packet Data 3G, HSDPA, GPRS
  • Packet data can be used for very low cost communications suitable for "always on" connections and sending low amounts of data
  • It also provides wireless broadband capability offering data speeds similar to land line speeds of ADSL, especially with the latest HSDPA networks
Circuit Switched Data (CSD) over GSM
  • Speeds up to 14 kbps
SMS over GSM
  • Short messages of up to 160 characters that can be coded to hold substantial quantities of information
  • More SMS messages can be linked to transmit more information
  • Useful for infrequent data messages but can get expensive if regular data communications is required

In most cases a wireless M2M solution uses data communications to pass information to/from a machine. There are also many applications where the addition of other human communications are required, in particular, voice and fax capability.

Examples of this extended requirement include:
  • Communications on vehicles such as trucks and boats where there is vehicle tracking/telematics, as well as voice communications to and from the driver, and a requirement to send and receive faxes (e.g. for orders)
  • Integrated communications for consumers as an alternative to wire-line services so a user can have voice/data/fax through one integrated unit in their home or office
  • Control and response vehicles such as for Emergency Services, Police, Ambulance, Fire Department and Television OB vans
  • Temporary offices that get moves frequently such as in the construction industry, and road construction.

IWSC works with all the above methods of data communications over cellular and can work with you to get the most effective solution for your application, taking account of data throughput, operating costs, coverage, and future proofing.

We also are planning to launch new products in Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee and RFID, both as standalone systems and iintegrated with cellular networks.
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