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Metering and Monitoring

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Metering and Monitoring
Automation and monitoring covers many tasks such as data collection and transfer, remote configuration and download of applications, diagnostics, control and network connectivity.

Monitoring solutions allow collection of accurate real time information, remote update of tariffs, and early detection of faults. The system is able to administer a large number of devices, as the solution may not be unique, multiple alternatives in the same scenario could be used:
  • PLC (power line communications). Can be used in the terminal point of the system, between power transformers and user homes.
  • ZigBee. Could be used for communication between all meters in a building and a central point (for example a PLC router or a GPRS router).
  • GPRS/3G. Could be used for communication between routers and control station.
  • Radio. Radio networks could be used where none of the above methods could be used.
  • Intelligent Meters. Could be used in remote buildings or spaces.

Monitoring solutions allow real time information collection, remote update of tarifs and early detection of errors. Technologies used include SMS, packet data (3G/HSDPA, GPRS). As Bluetooth, Zigbee and WiFi technologies are developing, these solutions will be shortly in IWSC portofolio.

Apart from utilities there are a vast number of other metering and monitoring applications such as: environmental monitoring, agriculture, mining, IT industry (backup servers administer, monitoring the devices integrity, alarms and service reinstate).
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